Professional Experience

Over 23 years of experience developing risk analysis studies and providing technical assistance to:


-Sugar Mills
-African Palm

Electrical Power Generation

-Thermal (Combustion Engines)

Electric power transmission and distribution.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industry.

Fuels’ storage facilities.

Port facilities.

Textile industry.

Cement industry.

Paint industry (manufacturing and storage).

Storage facilities (grains, chemicals, agro- chemicals, food, among others.


Hotel industry.

Schools and universities facilities.

PVC and plastic industry.

Retail stores and distribution centers.

Animal feed industry.

Food industry.

Tire manufacturing and storage industry.

Wood processing, handling and storage industry.

Grain mills.

Edifications and infrastructure.

Footwear manufacturing industry.

Chemical and agro-chemical industry.

Metal and metal products industry.

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